At the core of truly stand-out communication – whether typed or spoken, streamed or emailed, shouted or sung – is a good idea, well-executed and effectively disseminated. Great work requires and reflects considerable amounts of talent, expertise and creativity.

For those of us at Spiral Information Group, that's all a given. What animates us, though, is being imaginative. We begin every new endeavor on the premise that it is from the imagination that innovative, inventive and inspired ideas spring.


In an era of ever-sophisticated computing solutions excelling at an ever-growing number of human tasks, we are alert to – and reassured by – the fact that machines can never match our ability to intuit.

We at Spiral Information Group embrace unbounded thinking that facilitates intuition. The insights we gain inform our work in ways that the most sophisticated software cannot. We're on the lookout – always – for opportunities to take intuitive leaps.


Ascertaining what constitutes integrity can be a dicey proposition, given what are at times vastly divergent interpretations of what is acceptable and what is not. We are determined to act with resolute integrity, adhering to high ethical and journalistic standards without equivocation.

Spiral Information Group's code of ethics is comprehensive and unambiguous. We mention it here to underscore the primacy of integrity among our core values.

And Ceaseless Application of Ingenuity

As writers, editors, producers, managers and shapers of all manner of content, we are acutely aware of this: With stunning rapidity and impact, digital technologies are transforming how, what, where and when people read, watch, listen and learn. We respond by conceiving and delivering inventive ways to the address the challenges, big and small, that arise constantly. Ingenuity is always top-of-mind for us, and sets us apart from the merely resourceful.

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